About us

Manufacturer and Supplier of Fully Finished Machined Components.

GMT is established since 1988 - 89 and is in the business of machine tools for last 10 years. In the year 1998 - 99, we started manufacturing automotive components.

We are an engineering conglomerate having rich experience. Ours is a company made up of qualified staff. Our motto is “To do Right, First time, Every time.” The company has created goodwill amongst all it’s customers by supplying components “In Time” coupled with assured ” Quality. The quality objectives “To achieve 100% on time delivery” and to maintain zero PPM rating have been percolated to all levels of organization. The company has been successfully handling high volume components to peak production levels.

Presently we are supplying Cam follower lever assemblies , Rocker levers , Gear case Cover, Precision Fuel injection systesm components etc. There is a way we work that gives a new perspective to business. The way we manage that brings a new meaning to business relationship. Where business to business transactions are measured on an index of joy. It’s a reflection of the confidence of sheer professionalism at work. Taking the load off the customer’s mind; giving more space, more time to revel in personal joys. And get more out of life. Call it a technology of bringing joy to our customers. For when your have us caring for your business interests, you do not have to worry about your work.

Manufacturer and Supplier of Fully Finished Machined Components.Specialized in Manufacturing of Rocker Arm, Rocker Lever, Cam Follower Lever, Manifolds Precision Machined Components on SPM, CNC and VMC for Mass Production.

Mr. Shekhar Prabhakar Deshpande

The company was founded by Mr. Shekhar Prabhakar Deshpande. He has completed B.E. (Mechanical) in 1986 from Belgaum. He has a vast industrial experience of 30 years.

Mr. Suhas Prabhakar Deshpande

Mr. Suhas Prabhakar Deshpande. He completed his bachelor in mechanical engineering from Walchand college of engineering in 1993 and then went on to complete his masters in design in 1995. He has been working in this field since then and has an industrial experience of 22 years.