"GMT" provides a comprehensive solution for machining and sub-assemblies, with a continual investment program in the most cutting-edge machine tool technology to assure the availability of the best resources to meet the increasingly high standards of our customers.
Regular quality adherence tests, ongoing monitoring, and meticulous inspections ensure that the items we produce and supply are of the highest calibe

Facility Overview GMT

Advanced technologies upgrading &
continual improvements

Our Certified Quality Clinic, along with pertinent training and continuous improvement programs, ensures that we fulfill our clients' high expectations for the quality of the products we provide. Components in both high and low volumes, with success up to maximum production rates.
We also strictly adhere to environmental and personnel safety standards.

Facility Highlights

  • “GMT’s” machining Division consists of 8 different units specializing in manufacturing different types of components.
  • A fully automated Modern machine shop equipped with Robotic line and Gantry for a high volume component.
  • A dedicated unit for Aerospace components with advanced machinery & highly trained workforce.
  • Other units segregated by heavy components, camshaft line, assembly line etc.
  • Single piece flow, aided with strategic Material Handling and Automation Systems
  • Top Level quality system integrated with FMEA, Built-in Poka Yoke, and Controls.
  • Preventive, Predictive, and Condition-based maintenance systems for production efficiency

Machining Division GMT
Machines Quantity Bulld Max. Machine Stroke (in mm)
Vertical machining centers 21 Mazak, HAAS,Hartford, BFW, AMS X- 2000
Y- 800
Z- 800
Horizontal machining centers 11 Doosan, NTC, BFW, AMS X- 1400
Y- 1200
Z - 1300
CNC turning centers 11 Tsugami, AMS, Youji Chuck Ø - 165 - 300
Turning Ø - 300 - 400
Vertical turning milling 5 Mazak, BFW Swing- 1350
X- 1100
Z - 700
CNC Turn Mill (5 Axis M/c.) 1 Mazak - Integrex 200 - 2 Y X- 530
Y- 140
Z - 1065
Machining Division GMT
Gantry System Operating Two Machines
Machining Division GMT
Machining Division GMT
Machining Division GMT
Machining Division GMT
Machining Division GMT
Machining Division GMT
Machining Division GMT
Machining Division GMT