Machining Division

  1. Unit 1– Batch quantity of heavy components. Heavy components weighing from 40-180 kgs. Are machined here.
  2. Unit 2– Robotic line. This a robotic line where a Robot is interfaced with machining centers for material handling. We are heading to make it a man less plant by automating even the post machining processes like deburring, leakage pressure testing and a dedicated CMM machine for the facility.
  3. Unit 3– Lever machining and assembly line. This is well is a high volume line where cam follower levers and rocker arms are machined and later assembled.
  4. Unit 4– Cam Shaft line. Cam shafts, as long as 2 meters are machined here with the use of special purpose CNCs and HMC.
Our machining division is equipped with CNC Turning Centers , Vertical machining Centers, Special Purpose CNC Machines and all types of conventional machines. We are working on Kanban card system for material management and maintaining schedule for all components of different volumes. We are presently supplying sub-assemblies consisting of more than 20 components to Cummins India Ltd. We have also started converting our present semi finish components into finish component & finish components into sub assemblies as a part of our Value Engineering activity.